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ALMAMEGRETTA - Not in my Name

Neapolitan ethno – dub combo Almamegrettaʼs new release “Not In My Name” is a trap bass reggae song with conscious “sufferers” lyrics. Forget tarantella, this time Napoli is in JA except for the thick Mt. Vesuvius accent of the english rhymes. Inside remixes Numa Crew, Antiplastic, Paolo Baldini, Deleted Soul and deDUBros. D ..
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Pablo Raster- Art of Dub

Pablo RasteR is a producer, singer and musician, he produced dozens of albums and has performed more than 800 concerts in Italy and in Europe. He worked with artists like Madaski (Africa Unite, Dub Sync), Zion Train, Vlastur, Dziga, Ricc Frost, Kg Man and Kasia Malenda. Art of Dub is his first solo album as a producer, featuring internati ..
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