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Eldorado - Witness EP

  The project Eldorado is an Antonio Bacchiddu idea, it would create evocative sounds which could emanate images in the listener imagination.The Tommy Bianchi production at the White Sound Mastering Studio has let this spark be and everything slowly started to grow up. The suggestion to the 80’s,90’s and 2000’s are disclosed e renas ..
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The Natural Dub Cluster ft. Olivia Foschi - Echoes in the Ground

Olivia Foschi's unique jazz voice returns to effortlessly glide a top the thick layers of The Natural Dub Cluster's unremitting rhythms after being featured in the band's debut album Neg|Entropy (on Backfeed and H Creation). The positive and revolutionary themes set forth by the Italo-American singer are adapted to the band's introspective concept ..
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Dancehall Ram (Deleted Soul Remix)

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